Thursday, 27 June 2013

My packing diary: leaving for Spain

It's that time of the year again: school is over, the grades are in, the sun starts to shine (at least everywhere else in the world, not in Belgium) and you start dreaming about far countries and about an awesome vacation. Well, since I am leaving tomorrow night for a trip to Spain (I am already dreaming and drooling when I think of all the fashion in Barcelona), I have been busy all week by selecting my clothes and accesoires to take with me. I clearly hope for good weather, because I have only packed shorts, tees, some thin cardigans and my jeans jacket. Well, let's pray for me, because I am in no way prepared for something less than a cloudy sunny sky.  As you can see on the following pics, I am really into accesoires of all kinds: belts, a pair of suspenders, bracelets of all sorts and kinds, necklaces,... That is because when it's hot outside, you can't wear lots of layers (unless you want to faint ofcourse), and my way to upgrade my outfits when that's the case, is by wearing accesoires. 

The shorts I have packed (I love denim shorts, they are so multi-functional!)
T-shirts I am going to take with me, I adore the leopard printed and the pastel ones!

Above: Accesoires of all kinds and colors (Bracelets on the left, necklaces in the middle, suspenders on the right)
Under: Detail of the necklaces (left) and the belts (right)

 What do you wear on a trip? How do you upgrade your outfits?
NOTE: Tomorrow night, I am leaving, so I won't be posting for a while, but I promise you a huge post about my trip when I come back! 


  1. I am in love with the leopard T!
    Want one too! ;)


  2. Thanks Jonas! I love it too :D