Monday, 15 July 2013

Barcelona Shopping: Wishlist

As you all know (shame on you if you don't, go and read this post) I am currently in Spain for a trip full of nature, sun, sangria, and of course, fashion. I have been to Barcelona yesterday to visit the cultural and historical part of the city, and tomorrow, the moment suprême is planned: yours truly is going to discover the shopping streets of Barcelona. As a real blogger, I have the need to share my wishlist with you. The timing for a day of shopping couldn't be better: end of sales, I am in Barcelona, and the first catwalk and trend reports for fall/winter are here, so I am going to invest in pieces that are wearable in summer and fall/winter.  Here's what I'd love to see hanging in my closet next week:

1. Trench coat. Believe it or not, but I have never had a trench, and yes, I see that as a missing. So this time, I am going to look around and try to score one of this beauties, as seen by Burberry.

A more affordable trench, Zara

2. Shirts. I had lost my interest in shirts the past time, but now I think it's time to invest in some classic yet special ones. I have set my mind on this monochrome shirt with a flower-printed pocket.


3. Blazer. In my opinion, one does never have enough blazers. You can update your daily outfit so easily, just put a blazer on and you are ready to rock a party. Also, they do not need to  be all classic black or blue anymore, you can find them in every print and color, such as this yellow ochre blazer from Zara.

4. Flower printed chino. Yes, I know, lots of people think that flowers are for summer and spring, but hey, I am not lots of people, so screw them, 'cause I am loving this flower printed chino of Scotch and Soda, and if I find one, I am definitely wearing it in fall and winter too. Just to put a  not so little touch of color and print in your wardrobe, why not?

Scotch and Soda
5. Ankle boots. These ankle boots of Floris van Bommel don't need a lot of explanation. Look at them, how can you not love them? This is so on my wishlist!

So, this was a little un-prepaired post, I will let you know later what I managed to get and what else I bought!

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