Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review Post: Rituals: Pure Refreshment Gift Box

Last week, my mom gave me this Pure Refreshment Gift Box of the 'home and body cosmetics' brand Rituals. It includes a foaming shower gel, a cooling shower gel, an anti-perspirant spray and a volcanic body scrub, all covered in a handy yet pretty box. It really is the perfect travel kit. The first thing that took my attention was the wonderful aroma that entered my nose. All of the four products have approximately the same main ingredients: Organic Bamboo and Japanese Mint (Japanese Mint is only for the cooling shower gel and the spray, the other shower gel had Cedar Wood as second main ingredient and the scrub has Volcanic Clay in it). This odor creates an entire showering experience. As this gift box is mostly given to men, the aroma is strong and refreshing and makes you dream away to strong men arms and a house near the lake of a mountain.

The four products you can find in the gift box. 

 I started with the foaming shower gel, that does everything it says: it foams. This foam has a nice texture and is very comfortable to divide over your hair and body. It feels soft, yet de smell is strong, which makes a very nice contrast. The cooling shower gel, which I tried next, was a real surprise. I used this gel after a hot sweaty day, and it really helped my body to cool down and it gave me a fresh, cool feeling that even went through my veins.

Close up of the foaming shower gel.
When trying the anti-perspirant spray, I was a bit sceptical, because I do not have good experiences with those (white powder all over the place, the odor not lasting long,...) but I must say, this one kind off surprised me. It did let go lots of white powder, but after shaking the bottle, that problem was solved. The aroma smells wonderful and lasts for quite a time, but maybe 24 hours (like the bottle says) is a little ambitious. 
And of course, I saved the best for last, the scrub! This absolutely is my favourite part of the box. The odor isn't as existing as it is in the other products, but the effect it has on my skin, that feels rough and uneven most of the times, is huge. The texture is very grainy, but that didn't bother me. I tried it on my hands and arm, and the difference between before and after is amazing. My skin feels soft like a baby bottom and I can not stop rubbing my hands.

Close up of the body scrub.
I really think this gift box is something original to surprise your beloved ones with (yes, that includes yourself darling), I'd recommend it to everybody who already takes a little time in the bathroom or to everybody that has to learn to take a little time in there (yes husbands, that's you).

This was my first review post ever, what do you think about it? Would you use this products?

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