Sunday, 28 July 2013

Thrifting Treasures on Vacation

Willing or not, my holiday in Spain and France ended today. I have had a wonderful time soaking up the sun, strolling along the sea and discovering foreign cities, but beautiful songs don't last long. The shock effect is big: yesterday, I was taking a dip in the pool, almost melting because of the sun, and right now, I am sitting in my room watching the falling rain and hail. Quite something, if you consider I haven't seen rain in four weeks. But hey, you have to love Belgium! Right now I am really tired, but of course, for you all, yours truly got behind his pc and started a tiny post, just to show you some things I found in France.

I have been fond of thrift shopping for a while, so my heart started bouncing faster when I heard we were going to visit a flee market in a city nearby. As wandering along the different stands, my world stood still when I saw this vintage red leather case from the sixties. It was used as a beautycase, but I have planned to use it as a brief case as well. The seller asked 40 euros for it, but I only paid 20. Quite a deal, right?
I also got a very cute khaki scarf with cream dots on it, I feel very British wearing it.

The case and scarf 

The inside of the case, as you can see it was used as beautycase.

Details of the case (top) and scarf (bottom)

Do you like thrift shopping? What treasures have you found?
Thanks for reading!

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