Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Final Sales Heaven

In the past week, I went shopping twice. I hear you thinking: 'That is not healthy for your wallet!' Well, let me surprise you: my wallet is fine! And you know why? Two words: Final Sales. Of course, the Fall collections are in, but I bought two things of the summer collection that are very wearable during fall/winter this year! I absolutely love the feeling you get when you score an item for only a tiny part of the original price. Here are my two favourite final sales treasures, both ftrom Zara.

My first treasure was this blue basic jumper. The original price was 40 euros, I only paid 8. I specially love this jumper because of his shiny look and because of the fabric it is made of. It feels very chic. The stitched line in the middle makes it a little more special. I am planning on wearing this non-stop in fall!

Look at this shiny bitch!
Details of the jumper

The second thing I found, was this camouflage printed jeans. I had seen it before, but I was always doubting if I had to buy it or not. When I saw this beauty hanging in my size, for only 15 euros instead of 50, I didn't hesitate and I gave it a try. Guess what, this jeans is hanging in my closet right now! The print is not too obvious, because it is blue instead of green. Thanks to this, I find it a lot more combinable and versatile. Also, this is my first printed pair of trousers, so I wanted to start with a pair that is not too showy. 

What do you think of my final sales picks? Have you bought some clothes in sales? 
Thanks for reading!

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