Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Moodboard/ Wishlist FW13 aka I-Want-This-Hanging-In-My-Closet

When sales are over and the summer is half way gone, you know what time it is: Autumn-Winter Collections! One of the first sites I immediately surf to is the site of high-street shopping brand Zara. It's the first shop I entered a few years ago, when I was discovering the fashion world, and it still is one of my favourites. The combination of basics, several catwalk-inspired pieces, a reasonable price and decent quality is a good reason for me to visit Zara 3 times in a month. When I checked the webshop for the new collection, I wasn't deceived at all and my hands started itching to make a moodboard. Beautiful pieces in chic materials, what more could a man ask for? Maybe a touch of colour is the answer, especially when it comes to the trousers and jeans. I know it's the autumn/winter collection, but I do like a pinch of colour to brighten up the day. (If you see someone hopping around the streets wearing bright orange with blue during the following dark months, it's me.)

This said, let's go to the essentials of the post: my moodboard/wishlist!

I generally chose dark items, something that did surprise me at first, but hey, one changes throughout his whole life, right? Let's take a closer look.

PICKS (from the upper left to the bottom right)

Cardigan with faux leather front: I just have a crush on this item. The brown faux leather looks pretty and I just think it is an amazing basic-with-an-edge to wear during the chilly autumn months.

2. Double-breasted cape. I don't know what you think, but in my opinion this is a fantastic piece. It is dramatic yet not too extravagant thanks to the grey color, it offers enough warmth to wear it as a coat when it is not too cold and it isn't only pretty hanging open, you can also close it.

3. Checked T-shirt. This t-shirt is the only item that involves some color in my selection, and I L O V E it. Tartan prints are the it-prints this autumn/winter, as seen with Prada, and I definately want to own a tartan printed piece. Guess I found it!

4. Faux leather overcoat. This coat just made me gasp, say 'o' and stare at it for five minutes. The shape, the minimalism, the fabric, everything feels right.

5. Gusseted clutch bag. I have been dying to have a proper clutch, and I must say this one looks like a pretty good starter. I like the the envelope shape in it, the color and the simplicity of it. I am definately looking out for this one!

6. Stretch ankle boot. Same as a clutch, I do think ankle boots are the perfect autumn/winter shoes. They protect your feet, are warm and luckily, they are also beautiful as hell. Gimme gimme gimme!

This is a small selection of the many clothes I like of the collection, and I have to say the collection for women is certainly as beautiful! Those jackets are just divine. 

What do you think of my picks? What are your favourite items of the new AW13 collections?

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