Saturday, 19 October 2013

On my mind: Shoes

With the arrival of fall (and later on winter) there is just one thing on my mind: shoes. I have discovered that I just love shoes, and yes, that has something to do with blogging. In the past, I didn't really care about my footwear, I mean who'd look at my feet when they see me? Also I have rather big feet, so that was reason enough for me to hide them as much as possible in normal, almost boring shoes. Since my blog is around, I found out that shoes can really transform an outfit, so I might take my shoes more serious in the future. To start with, I made a little wishlist of what I'd love to hop around town with this fall/winter.

I have been fund of Chelsea Boots since forever, and when I saw them popping up on the streets for the first time, I knew that I wanted a pair of my own. Sadly, EVERYONE has a pair of Chelsea boots currently, but since most of them are women, I still think I could rock my pair without being all mainstream and stuff. (Hm, mainstream has had such a negative sound since all those hipsters used it.) My favorite pair of the moment are these Zara ones: they are simple, black and an absolute amazing basic.

Another pair of not-so-basic Chelsea boots is this pair of the amazing belgian designer Floris van Bommel. They don't need much of an explanation, do they? I would wear them with an all black outfit.

Here are some other pairs I absolutely love: the orange ones because of their fluffy inside and poppy fall color, the black ones as the perfect basic all day pair. I both found them on the Zalando website.

What are your favorite pair of shoes?
Thanks for reading!


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