Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Van Gils 65 years Celebration: Limited Edition Creeper

When I opened up my mailbox this afternoon, I noticed I had a mail from Media Mania. Nothing special you'll say? Well, those were my thoughts too! After reading, I almost heard my credit card crying for help: THIS BOY IS GOING TO SPEND MONEY! The subject of the mail was the 65 years Celebration of clothing and especially shoe company Van Gils (Footwear). And when they celebrate, they do it good: by releasing a Limited Edition Creeper. The creeper is absolutely amazing, I must say I didn't have quite a shoe thing, but I feel like I am growing one! The shoe is provided with the iconic X-X-X stitches,  this time in a bright red version. It comes in a customized shoe box, accompanied by stylish extra's like a matching belt and silk knots. What's not to love about it?

Thanks for reading!