Sunday, 10 November 2013

Press Days SS14 Part 2

I told you in my previous post about this weeks' Press Days, Part 1, that Part 2 was coming soon. And guess what (Okay you probably had figured this out already thanks to the title but still) this is Part 2! The second (and last) PR-agency I visited was actually a combination of three different agencies and one brand (ComprendoPR, DramaPR, Appletree and Patrizia Pepe) with the same theme: 'This is Belgian' (Dit is belgisch). They had quite some beauty products to offer, but also cool fashion brands. Let me guide you through my highlights of the day.

Actually, the main reason why I really wanted to visit these agencies was because I wanted to check out the new OMG collection of Belgian brand Titi + The German Kid (The designer got inspired by a little church next to her door) and her capsule collection inspired on famous Belgian blogger Ibe Rossel, the Titi likes Ibe collection. And let's say they haven't deceived me!

An overview of both collections

My favorite sweater of the OMG collection. The shoulder patches are knitted by the designer herself.

This back patch with the image of Maria is completely handmade by the designer.

I just ADORE this tee from the Titi likes Ibe collection. How badass are those fake flowers on the shoulders? The t-shirts of this collection are secondhand tees that got a new life. 

Buttons couldn't be forgotten in the Titi likes Ibe collection. I am definately getting the 'The better you dress'-button.

The Titi likes Ibe collection just breathes F U N. How cool are these glasses?

An overview of all the accessoires of both collections. The white cap is back by the way, hooray!

Apart from the whole Titi + The German Kid collection, I got to see some other brands too, like Patrizia Pepe, Falke, Rimmel (beauty and make-up), NYC and some wicked ecological beauty labels too, like the Scandinavian brand c/oGERD.

An overview of the showroom, mainly Patrizia Pepe here.
Love love love the shoes by Patrizia Pepe

These shoes and bag by Patrizia Pepe are just badass and amazing if you ask me.
This cool socks- display by Falke stood in the middle of the whole place. A real eye-catcher!
I adore the colors of the nail polish collection by Sally Hansen!

There was this super sweet make-up artist that offered to give you a beauty make-over, so nice! Rimmel products.

The display of the Rimmel and NYC beauty and make-up collection.

I really do think this bottle of the Killer Queen fragrance by singer Katy Perry is the most beautiful bottle ever. The smell is really feminine and sweet.

These bath salts (on the left) and deodorant (on the right) don't have any harmful substance in them.

The make-up and the shower gels (that can also be used as shaving foam) are all natural and do not damage the environment.

Big thumbs up for ecological beauty!
I want to say thanks to the PR-agencies to invite me, to my friend Judith to accompany me and to basically everyone for making my first Press Days unforgettable!
Thank YOU for reading!


  1. Can I have those shoes by Patrizia Pep!! So so soo adorable haha, what a cool experience you got to do (:

    1. I know right! They are so cool! And yes, I really had a blast :) it was amazing!