Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 Could you guys guess what this is?

If you know Sophie and her blog Je Suis Sophie, you might have guessed right. Sophie started to design minimalistic necklaces, since people everywhere kept asking her where she found her necklaces (that she made herself). So she decided to create a little label named Sternum, where you can buy a selection of necklaces. And yes, thank the Lord for that!

It actually was my friend Jonas from the amazing blog YUNES that first showed me the little collection, and I knew from the start that I wanted one. After a little quarrel with myself (it is hard to choose when they are all so beautiful) I decided to go with the aliminium version of the Tetris model.
A few days after my order, my heart started to bounce faster when I found a little package in the daily mail, and my happiness sensor went bonkers when I opened it up. The necklace looks exactly the way I'd hoped, and it is the perfect touch of glamour to a plain, everyday's outfit. I wear it on sweaters, but also on shirts and I am absolutely crazy about it!

The necklaces come in different amazing models, and they are sold for a really fair price, so it's got everything it needs for you to love it!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Whhohhooo! :)
    Echt mooi!

  2. Echt zalig! ik kende haar ook al en ook haar kettingen, maar het staat u echt goed! :) (leuke blog heb je trouwens)

  3. Die kettingen zijn zo cool he, ik heb er eentje op mijn kerstlijst staan :D
    Naomi, x