Saturday, 14 December 2013

Eleven Paris X Kate Moss

Everybody knows or has at least heard of Eleven Paris, the cool French brand with the all-famous and striking 'moustache-tees'. For their Spring/Summer collection 2014, they take it up a notch. Not only will we be seeing Kate Moss on those well known shirts, La Moss is also the star of the new campaign! After super stars like Lenny Krawitz and Iggy Pop, Eleven Paris has chosen for Kate as she 'portrays the perfect balance between sophisticated fashion and grunge, and therefore seems like the perfect face and a natural choice for the label.'

The first campaign pictures are out now, shot by Craig McDean, who has worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, and -well, what did we expect- they look absolutely fabulous.
Kate is rocking the pictures wearing a leather jacket with red details and a blue, funky partly see-through top.
I can't wait for the other images to reveal, and for the collection to come out!

What do you think of the pictures?
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  1. ben wel blij dat het merk nog iets anders te bieden heeft dan de moustache tees ;)