Thursday, 5 December 2013

It's a Vintage Designer Story

People who know me, can tell you that I've got a weak spot for everything designer. Walking past shop windows of high end fashion brands makes me feel plain happy, and when any other individu I know pops up wearing a designer piece, I have this strange mix of admiration and envy.

As a student, those designer numbers are out of my league, except maybe when I manage to save up for a year (guess what, I don't) or, if by chance, I'd bump into a designer at a vintage store.

And believe it or not, but that is what happened last week. I got a message from a friend of mine, who told me she saw a beautiful Kenzo jacket in my local vintage shop. I got all excited , because I have had this little huge Kenzo crush for quite a while, but when she told me that the last time she saw the jacket was a fortnight ago, my hope crashed down. I mean, there was no way that this jacket wouldn't be sold in two weeks. Nonetheless, I raced (you could take that quite literally, sorry to all the pedestrians I almost hit with my bike) to the store, ran inside, scanned the racks and... to my utter amazement, I saw the jacket, hanging there in all its glory, begging me to take it home. After a quick fitting on, a random lady telling me it looked beautiful on me and a sprint to the checkout, I was back outside, the adrenaline racing through my veins, with in my hands my very first personal designer item ever. I know Kenzo may not be a super well-known amazingly high end fashion label, but please don't spoil my happiness, one has to start somewhere, right?

A little more about the jacket now. I have worn it twice up to now, but I can tell you that will be a whole lot more in the future! The opinions of the people around me are quite divergent, as one half of them thinks it is absolutely fabulous and awesome, but the other half thinks it is too short for me, and a waste of money. However, I'm still wearing it no matter what, believing that it is simply the fit of the jacket and the length that makes it special.
It is completely made out of whool and cashmere, which makes it unbelievable warm and cosy, and the lining is shimmery and glossy and it looks just plain awesome.
I believe I haven't told you the price I got this beauty for, right? Well, it was mine for only 12 euros. Quite a bargain, right?

I'll try to integrate this jacket in an outfit post soon, but since my exams have started, my mind is set on studying instead of on fashion (at least in theory). 

What do you think about the jacket? 
Thanks for reading!

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