Thursday, 12 December 2013

Put It On The Bloggers (Once Again)

Time for something I really wanted to give my opinion on today. This week, I read an arcticle on the website of a newspaper, saying that the New York Fashion Week will ban bloggers from the shows. They say that the fashion shows turned into a zoo, and that the whole thing lost some sincerity and credibility.
And weird enough, I think they are right, at least for a part. I do think that sometimes, the amount of peacocks showing of their newest it-bag or designer number in front of the shows the last times is just a little over the top. I kind of lost my interest in the shows because of the huge variety of nitwits, desperately seeking for their twenty seconds of fame.
On the other hand, I got quite frustrated, because once again, everything bad is the bloggers' fault. Bloggers are unprofessional, selfish, empty headed and most of all, they vanish into thin air next to the journalists, who have the know-how, the expertise, and the wisdom to attend and write about those shows.
Let me tell you one thing: that prejudgement has toured around since the very beginning of the blogosphere. Of course you have the self-called fashionista's who show off with everything they have/don't have, and of course there are bloggers that only do it for the goodies and the fame. But please don't generalize those examples. A part of the bloggers around do have a decent message to tell, and they all have a vision on the fashion circus, which makes it interesting for everyone, because how lame would it be if all of us thought the same? There are bloggers that write better, have more interest in fashion and know more about it than some journalists. It frustrates me that bloggers get a bad name and are laughed about by the journalists, because actually they mostly try to do the same job: writing and reporting. In my opinion, journalists are just scared to lose their job to someone who hasn't necessarily the same certifiates, but is just better in what they do. I also think that jealousy plays a part as well.
I hope that those sincere, good bloggers DO get an invitation for the Fashion Weeks/shows, mainly because they are just a great way to connect the brands that seem out of almost everyone's league with the people on the streets like you and me.


Sorry for the huge amount of text, but I just wanted to say that the existence of bloggers doesn't mean the extermination of journalists or the other way around.  It is time to get over your judgements and your ego, we can all write together without getting envious on others. This wasn't the first discussion on this subject, and it sure as hell isn't the last one, but maybe one day, we can all live fashionably and happy ever after.

What is your opinion on this all?
Thanks for reading!


  1. I totally agree with what you are saying!

    I also think they sometimes forget how many people are turning in magazines for blogs. It's cheaper, larger and you even get interaction. I hear it all the time from different PR agencies too — how the power of blogs is growing every day.

    Maybe because we (the so called 'inexperienced') have a great advantage which journalists don't have: being more personal with our readers and adjust our writing and themes to who we are and not to what a magazine or website wants from you... big or small blogger

    1. Exactly! They shouldn't underestimate the power of blogs in an era where technology is getting so important, and bloggers bring the new trends/fashion close to the people! We translate trends in -most of the time- very wearable silhouettes, and sometimes that's what the people need!

  2. Agreed! I don't like the show-offs, but some bloggers are indeed more inspirational than any journalist could ever be. And to attack all of the bloggers, is just lame, 'cause I can recall a lot of journalists who like peacocks too when they're visiting the fashion shows. But hey, we're just bloggers, what do we know? (just being sarcastic ;))

    M. - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows