Monday, 23 December 2013

Second Sneak: Wolf

Hey guys, in my last post I told you I would show you my new baby (aka sweater) from The Public Image in an outfit post, but I need to apologise. I wanted pictures for quite some time, but my friend who always shoots them wasn't able to do it now, so I had to ask someone else, and we were on our way when...
BOOM it started raining. The result: two (almost) decent pictures with a wet me sporting red cheeks. So I wanted to shoot the outfit again today, but when I was dressing up I noticed that I had thrown the pair of trousers and the shirt, that are quite crucial elements of the outfit, in the laundry.
So for now, you'll have to do it with these two pictures, where you can see my most awkward I-am-trying-to-model-poses. I promise you guys some more pictures soon, when everything I need for the outfit is back in my closet.
About the outfit: I really wanted the sweater to stand out, so I paired it with an all black outfit. By mixing different fabrics and textures (the trousers are textured, what makes them look almost leather-ish) I was able to keep it interesting. Altough I got some looks and weird remarks like 'You're quite dark today, aren't you?' or 'Oh damn, you almost look like a goth!', I mostly received compliments, and I must say I felt quite fabulous as well when I was wearing it.

Sweater: Sugarpills (@ The Public Image), Textured Jeans: Zara, Shirt: Zara

Thank you for reading!