Saturday, 25 January 2014

I Need Some Sun(68)

While the weather here is still drooly, cold and windy, my thoughts drift away to long summer walks, sun and simply beautiful weather. I have already got a new friend for summer! When I came home on Friday, a package from PR-agency Media Mania was waiting for me at my doorstep. I opened it up, excited and all, and found this beautiful bag by Italian brand SUN68. It is the perfect combo between sporty and fashionable, and since I do not sport  haven't got a proper sporty bag for my numerous workouts (insert sarcasm), this fellow is actually perfect for me. The bag is part of a special collection for the launch of the online shopping site of SUN68, and I must say they have some cool pieces like the hat, bath towel, and shorts. I'm ready for summer, now I'll only have to wait for the temperatures to rise!
About the bag itself: I love the combination of the basic grey with neon orange accents, the two typical colors of the brand. The outside of the bag is a really soft kind of fleece fabric, wjile the inside is completely covered in a waterproof fabric that keeps your stuff dry. Perfect!

Special thanks to Media Mania and SUN68!
Thanks for reading!

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