Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Move Over Diamonds, It's all about Simplicity

Lately I've been all over simple, stunning jewelry without too much bling bling and all that jazz. Basic, almost raw, ingenious and geometric are keywords of my accessory interests, and let that be some of the words that describe the quite new jewelry label Yannick De Witte, that focuses on male jewelry but has some pieces that can be worn by women too. I got to know his label a post of street style blog Ghent Street Style. Yannick prefers to use materials like plastic, metals, leather and bones, which take the lead in his designs and speak for themselves. As he states on his website, he believes in simplicity, the perfection of imperfection and the mark of the hand.  Every jewel is handmade and looks so thought-about that I am absolutely obsessed right now and my wishlist is growing with every new piece I discover. Yannick is innovating, strong and he dares to take some naughty yet beautiful risks like in his collection Toys for Boys. The title says it all in my opinion but I feel like you want pictures, no? My favorite collections by the way are Collarfull, with beautiful neck jewelry to spice up every boring shirt and The New World, a collection in which Yannick combined real bones with metal, shark teeth etc. Absolutely amazing!

Toys for Boys collection 

Toys for Boys collection (enough said, no?)

The New World collection
The New World Collection
Collarfull collection

Collarfull collection

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