Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Oh My God/Titi Likes Ibe Release Weekend

Last saturday I went to the Release Weekend of the summer and capsule collection of Hasselt based brand Titi + The German Kid. There was a fashion show in the evening together with cocktails and live music from a band and all that jazz, but unfortunately I had to go to a family dinner. Nonethless I wanted to see/buy/feel the new collections, so I hopped on the train and went and checked out the collection during the day.
As I expected, both the collections were absolutely fabulous. Of course I got to see a glimpse of them at Press Days in november, but the feeling and atmosphere you get in the shop with decorations and all is still completely different.
The shop owner, Kristien (Titi for friends) was 1) super awesomely dressed, 2) as cool as can be and 3) the sweetest ever. It was a real pleasure meeting and talking to you!Here's some eye candy of my day:

Titi likes Ibe- corner. A great combo of craziness, colors and fashion

The cat/dino glasses come in numerous different colors (39€)
How fabulous can one look wearing these awesome glasses?
Buttons in all shapes and colors, I took the 'The Better You Dress'-button with me. How cool are these (Big Buttons: 2€)

These necklaces look innocent, but the quotes are badass: 'FUCK', 'ART IS HARD' or 'SWAG DOLL'?
It's up to you! (13€)

Gorgeous, original and absolutely amazing. Enough said about these fantastic flower shoulder patches!
P.S. If you have the urge to spend money, you can always buy me these. (39€)

Every shirt from the Titi Likes Ibe collection (and actually every piece of the collection) is made with
recycled materials and secondhand shirts. Every item is therefore unique. (Tops/T-shirts: €39)

Quoted buttons from the Oh My God collection (Small Buttons: 1€)
As in every collection, knitted necklaces can't be forgotten! (€15)

Me rocking the flower patches looking trying to look like a model. Have I already told you I ADORE THESE?

My gal Sara wearing the Cloud Sweater, completely handmade! (200€)

For the first time, Titi introduces some kids pieces too! How cute are these tees? (27€)

Totes totes totes totes 

The outside of the shop. L O V E the mannequins. 

 Both collections are now available in the Titi + The German Kid Showroom AND online at /http://titiandthegermankid.bigcartel.com/

Thanks for reading!

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