Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Screw This Winter, On To The Next One Already

Well, this winter hasn't even ended yet but you know how it goes peeps, the fashion world never sleeps! Milan Fashion Week Men FW14-15 is already over, and however I am not a winter kind of person, I am slightly excited for next year because I saw some pretty great things! Some things I like: Zegna and Mason's. Zegna mainly because of the cut of this big blue coat and its other boxy silhouettes: looks amazing!

Another one of my favorites was Mason. The collection for next fall/winter looks rather dark but gets an update thanks to cool tartan prints or some camouflage from time to time (looks like we are getting some more of those two next year!) or with some fun checkered garments now and then. But girl, the pieces de résistances (French makes me feel chic, what I wanted to say in proper English is 'the eyecatchers' but admit it, it sounds better in French ) of the collection are the capes. I mean, the draping, the cuts, the materials,... Everything BREATHS luxury and style and they actually make me think of the capes that old kings used to wear, and no, that is not a bad thing 'cuz I'm the queen.

 So in my opinion: let me first enjoy some sun this spring/summer (if the Belgian weather allows me to), but after that I'll be ready for winter again , 'cuz that's what keeps the earth spinning!

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