Sunday, 30 March 2014


So this shoot has not turned out the way I really wanted it -I wanted a basic grey/white background and a clouded sky above me- but since the weather here is acting quite schizofrenic the last time I had to do it with burning sun and blue skies when I shot these pics. I wore this outfit earlier this week when the weather was rather cold again but BOOM end of the week and we are having a kind of heat wave here.
The outfit is a combination of my -obviously- greatest basics. Let me grab this opportunity to declare my love to turtleneck sweaters. One: they are so comfortable (I could totally sleep in one for the rest of my life), two: they are life savers when it's cold and you need something warm yet fabulous and three: you can combine them with almost everything and look like a total gentlemen in one easy step.
The latest time I tend to dress myself in mostly basic colours like grey, white and black and GURL I AIN'T EVEN MAD! I just feel like those are colours that do not necessarily bring a connotation with them, if you understand what I mean. Enough deep talking, on to them picz!

P.S. Sorry again for the not-so-weather-appropiate outfit today but ah well, it will probably be one of the last real winter-ish outfits!

 Wearing: Coat: Vintage / Turtleneck Sweater, Cardigan and Coated Jeans: Zara / Clutch: DIY

Huge shoutout to my homegirl aka personal photographer Tina who shot this and several other shoots for this blog! Thanks a billion darling!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Awesome! Weather appropriate is so 2013.
    Ik heb al in eeuwen geen turtleneck meer aangehad, ik kreeg er vroeger de kriebels van, mss nog eens een kans geven ;)
    Naomi, x