Thursday, 3 April 2014

Event: #JuliaJuneFW14

This hashtag was all over the internet last Tuesday. I was invited to come and take a look at the new Julia June shop in Ghent. For those who do not know Julia June: it is a young Belgian brand for fashionable ladies who know what fashion is all about. The new shop is located on the 'Brabantdam' in Ghent, the perfect location for a brand like Julia June, that offers great basics together with some statement pieces, all in luxurious fabrics. The party itself was fantastic. The shop area - that used to be a well-known bakery, Fevery, until the day before the event - still had this kind of bakery-ish feel over it, with the dj booth and the bar being in the cake display of the former bakery and lots of yummy treats that were baked in the traditional oven downstairs. The evening was a combination of beautiful people - I met the coolest bunch of bloggers and even some belgian celebs -, great drinks, amazing clothes, delicious bites and dope music. I had the chance to talk to the kind-of-boss (as she doesn't want to be called the boss) and we had a wonderful chat about the new store/concept/brand. Everybody was very kind really, and I met some very inspiring people that night! You can probably tell that I had a real blast! Actually, I had such a great time that I kind of forgot to take pictures of everything. So you'll have to do with what I got! The best way to experience and see everything in the new shop is by visiting it anyway, let's take that as an excuse!

P.S. At the end of the night I got an amazing goodiebag with a wonderful tee in it, I can't wait to show it to you in an outfit post!
These Julia June x Fevery pastry boxes were everywhere!

Nikki from Ginger Diaries working her magic

Coolest DJ in town, wearing an amazing Julia June jacket! 

The Gin Tonic glass is empty, the stomach -and head- full: signs of an amazing night.

Huge thanks to the MediaMania and of course the Julia June Team!
Thank you for reading!

Julia June new shop: Brabantdam 8, Ghent (Belgium) or online at

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