Monday, 21 April 2014

Fashion Farmer

Howdie guys! I'm starting this post with a greeting that suits my outfit, and you'll soon enough see why! I've talked about the Belgian label Different Me in my last post, and I told you guys that I did get myself a little something from the pop-up store this week. Well, here it is! My very own pair of... dungarees! If you follow my blog from the beginning, you might have noticed that I really wanted a pair since I saw them popping up out of nowhere last year, but back then I didn't really find a men's exemplar. This year however, dungarees are even more a trend, and you can imagine when I saw the perfect pair hanging in a little (pop-up) store. After trying them on, all my doubts disappeared: this baby was going to be mine! Et voilĂ , it's here for you to be admired. The only negative point about this is that it is quite hard to combine, but hey, I'll find my ways!

 Wearing: Dungarees: Different Me // Polo: Zara // Bag: Vintage 

What do you think?
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  1. Looking goooooood! Ik heb er nog teveel een childhood trauma van om er zelf terug eentje te dragen, maar hey, ik ben tenminste al over mijn angst voor bomberjackets! :D xo

  2. Je hebt nochtans een hele leuke combinatie uit je kast getoverd ;)
    Cool guy!
    Naomi, x