Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hints Of An Outfit

Hey guys! Sorry for posting never not so often, school life is getting crazy (my exams start in a week and I'm dying) and I also got two theatre exams at the academy (which I both rocked according to my biggest fan aka my mom) so yeah, I don't have much time posting stuff! I do have a long ass weekend ahead of me, which gives me some time to breath and prepare blog posts, y'all better be ready!

As I told you in this past post, my little brother is doing his Holy Confirmation thingy this weekend and of course everyone - especially he- has to look as purrty as possible that day! Cool thing to know: my little brother, twin brother, mother and father all needed my fashion advice suddenly, and after a lot of browsing online, short shopping trips and stressing, they all got their outfit ready. Yay! Or wait, did I forget something? Oh yes, minor detail: I didn't have my outfit yet! A week before 'the great day'!
 I think this is the right time to give a huge shoutout to the world wide web, and especially to online shopping. In a few clicks I had found a shirt, a blazer and a pair of jeans. The only stressy thing about this all was the delivery date. Luckily, the last package I needed came yesterday, right on time. Phew!
Quite the story right? No? Ah well, let's get on to the real subject of this post: I wanted to show you guys a preview kind of thing of all the pieces I got! In one of my previous post I already showed you guys the shoes, and now you'll see -details- of all the other stuff! It includes some Mickey Mouse, some newspaper-leather, a bright red and a basic black colour.  On Sunday I will upload a post which features the whole outfit as I wore it. Stay tuned!

. Some of you were very curious about the outfit and pics of the star of the day aka my little brother, I will include some pics of him too!

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Die schoenen zijn echt prachtig! :D

    ~ Hannelore