Thursday, 1 May 2014

How FW14 Will Look: Part 2

Here I am again, offering you guys another sneek peak into the FW14 fashion world. I already posted a part 1 of this Press Days series (if you haven't read it yet, go here), and today it is time for part 2, which is actually also the last part. In this part two I'll show you my picks of three other PR agencies: Pravda, De Hovre and a combination of different agencies such as Comprendo PR, Drama Pr etc. I once again put my favs into a collage to make seem like I am organized and shit. Which I am not. Really. You should see my room. Okay, focus! Off we go!

- Pravda 

It was the first time I visited Pravda, but I immediately fell in love with their showroom and brands. 
From upper left to bottom right: Love this tie-dye/worn-out kind of print blouse by Dr. Denim. / Another one of my absolute show stoppers of the day: this Herschel backpack. Plain awesomeness. / From next season on, fun socks brand Happy Socks will offer an amazing range of underwear too, for both men and women. Forget matching your bag with your shoes, matching your socks with your underwear is the next big thing! / Studded snake slip-ons from Steve Madden. I'm really getting into this whole snake-print trend! / An overview of the colours and prints of a part of Dr. Denim's collection. (I hope it actually is Dr. Denim since I am not sure about it) / Shoes! Fun shoes! Prints together with funky colors, always a winner. Edith & Ella. / Love this dotted pants, I really expect dots to be everywhere next winter since they are to be seen at Vans, Fred Perry and much more. 

- De Hovre

  Highlights of this agency where definately Caia Jewels (the jewelry brand of blogger Chiara Ferragni) and Clio Goldbrenner. From upper left to bottom right: As I told you in me previous post, flatforms and creepers are the next big thing when it comes to shoes. These are from lolo. / The colors of this little Clio Goldbrenner bag are literally HEAVEN. / Lips Necklace and stud earrings from Caia Jewels. Totally kissable. (pun intended once again and I'm starting to repeat my jokes. I need to get away from my desk.) / Clio Goldbrenner has updated her classics with some prints, like this cute leopard version. / Lip cuffs from Caia Jewels. Now that I think about it, lip prints show up quite often in the fall/winter collections of next year. It's going to be a romantic one!

-Patrizia Pepe, Drama, Comprendo, Appletree and oSérieux

To be honest: the main reason why I wanted to visit these PR agencies was once again Belgian fashion brand Titi + The German Kid. Most of the other stuff to be seen there was make-up and all things beauty, and that is not really my cup of tea. From upper left to bottom right: Titi + The German Kid beanies and a still from the FW14 short movie. Loved it by the way! / The print on this F. Egidio blouse: flawless. / Geometric skirt with black and white squares-pattern by F. Egidio. / The cloud-ish kind of print on this piece in combination with the colors make this dreamy blouse a real winner. / SAY CHEESE! With this button jacket from Titi + The German Kid, that won't be a problem. / An overview of the Titi + The German Kid collection. / Titi, the designer of Titi + The German Kid, shows her talent and eye for sewing and fabric techniques once again with this 3D-dotted sweater. 

Ibe getting her inner Red Devil on

And with that, press days FW14 are a wrap! I'd like to thank the agencies for the invitations, the great welcome and the awesome goodies, Ibe for being her awesome self while accompanying me and being our map and GPS during our bike trips from one agency to another and YOU for reading! 

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