Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Screw Gender Roles (And Other Stories)

As you probably all know, &Other Stories is coming to Antwerp this week! Unfortunately I can't be there because my invite went missing I am in Paris with school that day, but I might as well make a mental wishlist, as I might get into an &Other Stories store in Paris! I know &Other Stories is mostly aimed at a female public, but SCREW GENDER ROLES because I do think there are some things that are suitable for both sexes. And even if they 'aren't suitable for men (in the traditional thinking), who the hell cares? It is your body to be decorated with the stuff you like! Wear those heels if you want to, or put on that make-up if you feel like it! Lately I'm really fed up with people being all picky and mean about others who do not seem to fit the stereotypes. After our dear Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest, I've noticed too many negative reactions than I'd like. People telling me to 'shut down the TV because they don't need to see that ridiculous ambigu woman on the screen' or others telling me 'being different is great and all but don't push it too far'... It all makes me so angry! And believe me, those are reactions from close friends or family, not from some 'frustrated Russians' or a few 'conservative Americans' like some tend to think when it comes to intolerance. It happens everywhere, and definately not only in those 'stereotypical countries'! It just makes me think... what IF I was comfortable with wearing heels or skirts? What if I wasn't 'only gay' but also a transvestite or a transgender? Would the people that support me now, like my friends or family, let me down 'because I'm really too different and strange'? To be honest, there are some people from whom I'm not sure.
The thing I am so frustrated about is the hypocrite attitude that some handle. How tolerant and broad-minded are you when you only support differences up to a certain level? When you say you like me now but 'I shouldn't become one of those gays with a chihuahua and make-up on' because you aren't sure that you'd still like me? Wake-up call: I am still the same person!
Sorry for making such a drama of something that should only have been a simple wishlist, but I can't shut my mouth. This is something that has been bothering me for a really long time and I just felt like this was the right time to write it all out. Also I want to say that writing all of this doesn't mean that I am now going to wear heels - I have way too big feet for that -, but if I wanted to, so what?
Now, onto a subject that is a little more digestible: the actual wishlist! I really like &Other Stories for its combination of nice materials and fair prices, plus they offer some things that I really haven't seen much! Most things of my wishlist are jewelry or bags, but that is because I'm probably way too tall, even for the largest size of clothing they have.

Everything is from &Other Stories: http://www.stories.com

What are your thoughts on the gender roles and everything that comes with it? Thanks for reading!