Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekly Obsession: Sandals

Okay so I guess I'm starting a new kind of post on this blog: weekly obsession! Obviously, I will talk about the things that keep my mind haunted that week. I'm not sure wether I will publish a post like this every week but hey, I can try! For my first weekly obsession, I'm talking about sandals. Yes, you heard me well, those strappy summer shoes that have returned from their dark place in the corner of our shoe closet, or at least, my shoe closet. To be honest, I haven't worn sandals in like 7 years or something, but lately I've changed my mind seeing some really pretty ones. Of course, for the ladies out there, 'the comfy, orthopedic' sandal like Birckenstocks have been the most surprising trend this spring, and men fashion follows (a little). I made a little selection of pairs I wouldn't mind rocking when it gets a little bit warmer.

1. This pair is probably the one I love the most. The chunky sole, the straps, the red croco detailing... Dries Van Noten did a great job on these! In case you ever have too much money, my shoe size is 45 *winks* (find them HERE)

2. These sandals are minimalistic yet sturdy thanks to the metal buckles. I also adore the slightly ticker closure at the back! (Giuseppe Zanotti Homme, find them HERE)

3. For a change not a black pair but white ones. I love the difference between the thick and the thinner strap, and these look perfect to stroll with on a pretty beach in summer. The only thing I don't like about these Bagatt sandals is the fact that they don't have a strap on the back of your heel, but hey, one can't have it all, right? (find them HERE)

4. This is probably the most affordable pair of my selection, together with the Zign ones. No miracle since these sandals are from Zara. Nonethless I must say I like them a lot, the composition of the straps - is that even a thing? - is perfect in my opinion and the thin crenelated sole finishes it up. I'm probably going to get myself a pair of these beauties! (find them HERE)

5. Last but not least, minimal perfection from Zign. These have everything you may ask for, at a very good price. I'm sure this pair of sandals is a true summer staple, they just go with everything! (find them HERE)

What is your opinion on sandals (for men)? Would you wear them?
Thanks for reading!

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