Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Favourite Pieces: TTGK FW14 Collection

Fair enough: most of the press mails I get move directly to the trash can, but some actually manage to capture my attention: invites, exciting news, cool brands and collection releases. And it gets even better when you combine those last two! I don't know how much I've been talking about Belgian brand Titi + The German Kid here, but guuuuurl let me tell ya: when I know it's good, I share what's good! Guess what: TTGK does it gooood. They get even more interesting every single season, no kidding! Kristien -Titi to her friends- builds her collections around a specific theme every season, and this season is no exception: Titi + The German Kid is becoming a CULT. What the designers herselfs says about this:

 TITI + THE GERMAN KID have a hidden agenda: conquer the world with a new undergound cult scene. 
a new rythm, 
a new pulse, 
a new thrill, 
a new way of life, quoi.

Enter 'The New Beat' collection! 

The result of this collection is amazing: new silhouettes, new fringes, new and exciting handicraft techniques,... The FW15 collection has it all. Now of course I would love to rock it all, but I'm just going to show you the pieces I love the most. 

Copyright for all pictures: Titi + The German Kid

 After being the new religion (for SS14), it is now time for Titi + The German Kid to become a cult, a lifestyle. Let's get it on!

Thanks for reading!

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