Thursday, 19 June 2014

Neutrals With A Twist

I guess it is time for another world premiere: this is the first time in 4 years that I wear sunglasses to actually go out of my house. I kid you not. Thing is, since I need to wear regular glasses on a daily basis, I'd need sunnies that are adapted to my eyes as well, and since my kind of glasses are extremely expensive and my eyes are not really stable yet, it would be a quite useless investment to make. These sunnies are not adapted or anything, but for the time I was out (two hours or so), it was okay. I also brought my regular glasses so I could switch from time to time. Now the reason I grabbed these sunglasses is because I thought they matched perfectly with the rest of ly outfit: neutral basic colours. I wore my beloved Sternum Tetris necklace in aliminium and an amazing funny pair of leopard socks from Belgian socks brand SOCK YOU to add a fun fashion touch to this outfit. Also, I thought that the clear clutch would really top this outfit off with a cool street style vibe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in my books, this is successful outfit! By the way: tomorrow is my LAST exam so that means FREEDOM for at least two months! I can't wait, I'll be travelling to Italy and Switzerland, meet up with a bunch of fab people, get collabs going, enjoy some sun,... this gurl is looking forward as hell! 

Pics by Tina Holvoet

Wearing: Sweater and jeans: Zara / Polo: H&M / Socks: Sock You / Necklace: Sternum Tetris (buy here) / Sunnies: Julia June (not for sale)


  1. Love the combo with those socks = Makes the look! ^_^

  2. Joppe zal het hier eens tonen hoe het moet! Super toffe preppy look!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  3. super leuk!