Saturday, 14 June 2014

Walking On Clouds

Yes, you can take that title quite literally. Proud to officially introduce to you: the coolest shoes on earth, also known as the Sheherazade Vans for Opening Ceremony! Now, most of you will have heard about the Magritte inspired collection that Opening Ceremony is offering, and when, a few months ago, the items went in pre-sale, I couldn't help but clicking these shoes home. Wearable art? Yes please! Now I would have loved a bomber or a sweater to match my shoes, but what the heck, 400 dollars for a crewneck sweater is quite a price, no? Actually, the shoes were the only items I found affordable and well, it was a kind of head over heels situation. Long story short: after patiently waiting for more than two months, paying ridiculously high shipping costs and another import kind of fee (not cool Opening Ceremony, not cool), I finally got my babies. First of all, the box is so pretty already, I couldn't help but keeping it. Second of all: I never really was a Vans kind of person, but dayum these shoes are comfy as hell! Plus, the print is right up my ally: dreamy, fun, but not too difficult to combine? Sounds like my kind of shoes! I am no longer going to keep the suspense, here they are, in world premiere on my feet! I am now hopping back to my books, got one week of exams to go and then I'M FREE! Can't believe how fast it all goes!

that bokeh is everythang

Pictures by Tina Holvoet 

Wearing: Shoes: Sheherazade Vans by Opening Ceremony / Shirt: Zara / Jeans: Benetton

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