Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Weekly Obsessions: F.A.P MEN

If there's one brand I have been quite crazy for the last time, it must be Belgian brand Filles à Papa (also known as FAP). I love the sequined silhouettes, the fabrics and the prints and so do many celebs like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, our very own blogger Tiany Kiriloff and so on. The first pieces of them that went viral were probably these TOMBOY items, but I'll have you to know: they offer some other stuff that deserves your attention as well! While surfing,I often land at the FAP website to drool over their gorgeous caps and sweaters, but since everything is designed for women and I'm a little too big for their sizing, I was never able to get myself a little something (the caps of course are quite unisex and I am REALLY doubting wether to buy one or not/am I a cap person or not/in my head I am but will it suit me/the struggle of life). I knew there was a little MEN's section on their web shop, but every time I looked there was only this calendar featuring (beautiful!) shots of nude women. You might understand why I never clicked that one home. Now this week, when the website popped up again totally accidental, I clicked the men's button to expect nothing but the calendar and... there they were, the first Filles à Papa Menswear pieces. I don't know if I missed out a big launch or if I am behind on this, but I sure as hell was surprised and pleased and I felt like sharing the pieces with you.
They started with two t-shirts featuring two of the quotes that are also to be found on the women's sweaters: Bloody Mary and Sex On The Beach.

As you can see, the Sex on The Beach tee comes in both black and grey sporting neon pink prints, and the Bloody Mary one comes in white with a bloody coloured quote. How about some matching shirt - cap realness? By the way, the map cap is probably my favvvv ever, together with the YES SIR cap from the previous collection. I might have to click the map cap and the Bloody Mary tee home some time...

What do you think? Thanks for reading!


  1. Ik ben ook echt gek op dit merk!

  2. die sex on the beach, heerlijke tshirts!