Friday, 25 July 2014

Monochrome Holidays

Between all the city tripping/poolside tanning/discovering charming shops and soaking up more sun on cosy terraces, I FINALLY managed to convince my bro into taking outfit pictures for me I found the time to shot an outfit. Literally, one. But hey, one is better than none! This outfit is a typical vacation outfit, and you know why? The YES SIR cap glued to my scalp. I know, I've been bombing all my social networks with this Filles à Papa accessory, posted thousands several selfies on my instagram wearing my cap, and I'll give you three good reasons why: 1) it was freaking BOILING most of the time outside, and you know, protection is everything! 2) this cap goes with literally everything (I totally tested that) and 3) in case you didn't notice yet: this cap is freaking badass and absolutely amazeballs. That day I paired it with a good old jeans short and some all black everythang.
You might also notice that I eventually got the black strapped sandals from Zara I talked about in a previous post, let me tell you, they are heaven! The only downside of them would be that the sole is extremely thin, what causes sore feet after wearing them for a while. But hey, they were smiling at me in the shop, the last pair, in my size! What else could I do? Some times, life gives you a sign, and all you can do is shop the hell out of that opportunity!

Wearing: T-shirt: Zara / Jeans Shorts: Kulte / Bag: Feuerwear / Cap: Filles à Papa / Sandals: Zara / Bracelet: Silis

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  1. Ik weet dat de FAP pet de eye-catcher moet zijn in deze outfit (en het is ook echt een coole), maar wauwie die sandalen! <3
    Naomi, x