Monday, 21 July 2014

My Very First Travel Report

Well hello everybody! Do you remember me? The guy you used to see on here on a regular basis? This must be the longest hiatus up to now on the blog, but I do have an excuse: I have just returned from a three weeks journey to Italy and Switzerland! Think lots of sun, drinks, pool diving, charming cities with narrow streets and gorgeous dark haired men (in Italy), and lots of mountains, hiking, biking, more sun, more drinks and more gorgeous men - with slightly paler skin and hair that is -. Sounds great, no? Let me tell y'all: it was. Now, to make up for my long absence and to give you all a taste of my journey, I am here with an extensive photo report. Ah, when I scrolled and edited the pictures, I immediately was catapulted back to sunny Toscany and breath-taking Switzerland. By the way, you might have noticed on instagram that my hair is now a few shades lighter, I am now blond! There's quite some maintenance that comes together with it, but I am willing to take the risks and efforts! I wanted to try this for a really long time now, and summer really is the perfect timing to grab my chance! Now enough hair-talk, travel along!

Duomo in Firenze

vacation = cocktails

Tower of Pisa

underwater selfie + pool essentials

David by Michelangelo 

challenging my inner Heidi

This view is everything

I really had a blast travelling around, and maybe I'll incude some more travelling in the blog's context. What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ik begon me zo lagzaam aan al af te vragen of jij überhaupt ooit nog terug naar België zou komen. Het was behoorlijk jaloers-makend om jou op Instagram te volgen terwijl ik in België vast zat! Mooie foto's, en het doet me een plezier dat je zoveel plezier hebt gehad! xo

    PS: Bij de laatste foto van Zwitserland moet ik een beetje aan de Sound Of Music denken, haha!