Saturday, 2 August 2014

Appropiate Dressing: Festivals

It seems like the 'sorry I couldn't post'-introductions on here are multiplying, but the last two weeks I've been working at my local Veritas shop as a student job and I can tell y'all this: one wouldn't expect to be so tired from working at a shop. When I come home in the evening, all I could do was sit my ass down, put my feet up and watch some nonsense on tv. Another mind boggling fact: it's august already. What? Where did my time go? I did not sign up for this! You see, august is a very strange month for me with conflicting feelings: the 'oh no it's almost school again help me I am not ready' one on the one hand and the 'hooray this is my birthday month, let me figure out what I wanna get'- one on the other. However, summer may be half past gone, but it's not over yet! Still one month of fun, friends, (hopefully) sun and festivals to go! Festivals come together with summer like beer with a pub, and altough I am not attending one this summer, I can still dream and compose my own festival-proof outfits, right? I've seen numerous posts about how to dress when you're a woman, but here I am, serving some testosterone-worthy ensembles. I made two collages, one for sunny dressing and one for more rainy weather (we need to face it, we're still living in Belgium and summery showers are just part of the deal). Coolest thing is: when the festivals are over, you can just as easy wear these items separately, troughout the whole year. 

 From the upper left to bottom right: You don't need much more than a vest when it's hot out there in front of the main stage. You will probably be dancing your ass off, and together with a burning sun, you'll be sweating to death anyway. (Vest with front pocket: ASOS) A cap can come in quite handy when the temperatures are rising high. Keep your head cool in every possible way by wearing this one with a clear message #Iamcoolerthanyou (Cap with LOSER quote: DIESEL currently on sale) When partying all day everyday, it might get hard to figure out where, with whom and how long you have been there. This watch with a flower printed strap will get you in style to that concert you don't want to miss. (Watch: Komono) You can just admit it, some times we all want to be the center of attention. Set free your inner peacock with this (gorgeous) pair of feather printed shorts. (Shorts: Cuckoos Nest) Nothing better than a good pair of though studded sandals to concquer the heat and the mud on a festival. The perfect alternative for regular flip flops (Sandals: Marc Jacobs currently on sale)

From the upper left to bottom right: Dungarees are a stylish option when you don't want to go for your regular pair of long jeans. Wear 'em sloppy with one suspender down, instant festival cool guaranteed! (Bleached dungarees: Topman) I really like this limited edition top from Zara. The slightly longer sleeves will protect you from most of the rain, and the comfy oversized fit is just perfect to survive a long festival day without getting too sweaty. (Flower top: Zara) The key item of your rain-proof look is of course a decent rain coat. I've had quite the love/hate relationship with them, and fair enough, most of the time it's not going so well between us. I think it is extremely hard to find a fashionable rain coat, certainly for men, but right now I think I've found my partner-in-rainy-crime: this white, water proof beauty. (Long rain coat: Rains) When it is drooly and sad outside, I try to make up for the weather by dressing in happy colours. These bright yellow Roshe Runs by Nike will keep your feet dry and your friends will never ever lose you in the storm, thanks to their popping colour. (Roshe Run Trainers: Nike)

Making this post has me craving a festival so much, I might surrender and go look for a last minute ticket to whatever party with good music.
Thanks for reading!

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