Sunday, 24 August 2014


Well hello dear readers (yes, I am assuming that there are actually some people who take the time to visit and read this little space of internet that I call mine), here's a spanking new post for y'all! Last thursday, I went to Antwerp with Ibe to chat up, shop a little, take not less than 54 selfies (yes I counted) and have a really great time. To take a little break, we went to the Botanique for some outfit shots. Yeah, bloggers doing what bloggers do best, especially when encouraged by a cute lady who was watching us and enthuiastically shouted advice from time to time. "Come on, make some good shots!" "Maybe you could try letting your hair loose?" "DO YOUR BEST!" Well yeah, cute and a little scary. Nonethless, I was really charmed by the beauty of all the fauna and flora in the botanic garden of Antwerp, and I can't wait to discover more of it the next time I visit!I chose for an easy outfit that allowed me to hop and bop around Antwerp without having sore feet and blisters, and that, of course, included my beloved Nike sneakers. The rest of the outfit is quite simple too, but by working with structures (the leather-like feel of the trousers) and volume (the jeans jacket hanging over my shoulders), I think this outfit came out quite nice.
I did buy a few things that I'm VERY excited about, but you'll definately read more about that in the very near future.

Pictures by Ibe Rossel
Wearing: Shirt: Eleven Paris / Trousers and Jeans Jacket: Zara / Sneakers: Nike / Thin medal bracelets: Silis / Thick beads bracelet: Souvenir from Carrara (marble)

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