Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Buongiorno my dear readers (yes, I totally just greeted y'all the Italian way for no particular reason at all), just a quick post to show you guys the new love of my life. No seriously, I wouldn't describe myself as the most deliberate shopper - I tend to give in to my pulses most of the time -, but I actually had been waiting and thinking about buying this item for about two years now. It never really crossed my path, until a few weeks ago. You could have guessed by the title of this post, but what I'm talking about is... the oh-so well known watches from Casio. They kinda are the type of watch that never goes out of style, and you can literally wear them on everything and style them in so many different outfits. Perfect for looking cool without being late on any appointment on my very busy schedule. When I went to Antwerp with Ibe a few weeks ago, I accidently walked into them in the gigantic Urban Outfitters store, and they happened to have my favorite ones: the complete golden version. After some doubting and hesitating, I decided I deserved a pre-birthday gift (my birthday was last Sunday) and I took it with me. We are now two weeks later and, I kid you not, this thing has not left my wrist ever since I bought it. The cost per wear ratio of this beauty will probably be less than one euro in this and a year. Definately a great investment that I won't ever regret!

What do you think? Thanks for reading!

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