Wednesday, 10 September 2014

About Emotions And Puzzle Pieces

Hey guys! Here's a new project I couldn't wait to show you, and there are some reasons behind that. One, I've been thinking/working on the concept of this shoot for a really long time, and I am so delighted with the results! Two: I managed to get one of my favorite models to stand in front of the camera, and she KILLED it! Seriously, she knows how to work her face and body so good, and she always brings it during shoots, she really is a dream to work with! Three, and maybe the most important reason why this shoot is so special for me: the day we decided to meet up for this shoot, every little piece of the puzzle fell in place perfectly. 
But first things first - now that Iggy Azalea song is stuck in my head, great -, let me first explain you the main idea behind these pics: with every single look and shot, we were trying to express a feeling, an emotion, in its most pure form (or at least, how we saw it). We did anger, passion, sadness and joy, and for every series, I put together a look, did research on make-up and hair, and then tried it on Sara (the model). It was the first time I actually put some serious make-up and clothing looks on somebody (same with the hair), and I literally had the best time of my life. The complete shoot took 7 (!) hours to complete, and it felt like it flew by in a minute. 
When I was post-editing the pictures, I thought about what a great time I had, and I kind of started thinking that this may be what I want to do for the rest of my life... The combo of make-up, styling and photography sure takes loads of work and time, but the feeling of satisfaction afterwards is SO worth it! Anyway, I've been trying out some make-up looks the past week (mostly on myself, due to a lack of willing models - my bro's weren't really that excitedwhen I asked them -) and you might have seen them on my instagram account, which is currently kinda transformated in a look-what-I-did-with-my-face-today-account, and I'm sorry if it annoys you, but I'm kinda not sorry too, cuz' this all just feels so good. Of course, I'm not sure wether make-up/styling/photography will be my profession later, but I sure got a push in the right direction. 

Now, I am really sorry about this rambling-on about something that y'all probably don't even come here for, but I kinda want to do more of this posts in the future, where I combine fashion, a little beauty and some photography in one - if that's okay with you guys of course -. I'd love to hear what you think of the results of the shoot, and yeah, just throw any thought you might wanna ventilate in the comment section below! 





Styling, make-up and pictures by Joppe De Campeneere
Model: Sara Lâm

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