Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Power Of Objects + GIVEAWAY

For once, I'll talk about design instead of fashion on here. Actually, maybe this won't be a one time thingy, since I really like all things interior and design lately, and actually there are quite some links between the fashion world and the design world. It all starts with an idea, of course, but instead of working with fabrics and garments, they use other materials and products. The subject of this post is the new exposition in the ING Art Center in Brussel, called The Power Of Objects, which I visited last night. The expo assembled three pieces of several designers, mostly Belgians. One piece is the most sold item, an other one the most worldwide spread one, and the last one the iconic design for which the designer in question is most known. Dirk Wynants, Stefan Schöning, Maarten Van Severen, Alain Berteau,... they are all represented. The questions that the exposition wants to answer are"What is design?", "What is Belgian design?" and "When does a piece become a best seller or an icon?". The pieces are all displayed in a very approachable way, and they can be touched. It really is cool to see how, within the same designer, very different pieces can be discovered. The exhibition is a fun way to come in touch with the best known (Belgian) designers.
After our little tour through the museum, the awesome people from Pure PR organised some games, in which we could win several pieces from the expo. I won a very posh watering can from Lungo in a limited golden edition, can't wait until it arrives so I can show you guys!

How fun are these crayon inspired USB-sticks?

Bloggers doing a chair dance to win a Van Severen chair, a whole lot of fun! 

 AND GUYS! There is something in it for you too! Thanks to Pure PR, it is my honour and pleasure to give away 3 Duo VIP Tickets to the exposition The Power Of Objects in the ING Art Center, so you can experience with your own eyes what I saw. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter I made for you guys, and in two weeks I will announce the THREE winners! You can raise your chances by doing all three parts of the Rafflecopter, it only takes a minute!

Thanks Pure PR for having me!

Good luck and thanks for reading! 

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  1. ik wil graag winnen , omdat ik scharlett johansson ben.
    En omdat winnen ongelooflijk cool is
    + omdat deze blog sjalig is.
    & en ook een beetje omdat het mij de max lijkt.
    (en omdat ik van je mihouw)
    geef me een seintje