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5 Things You Can't Miss Next Summer

Gooood evening everybody, is you having a good day? I am, for one obvious reason: THE WEEKEND, BITCH! I have a theatre show planned tonight, but before that, I wanted to 5 things you can't miss next summer (hence the title of this post) with you guys. As you might (or might not) know, last week, the press days for Spring/Summer 2015 took place. I visited a couple of PR offices, and assembled a few of my favorites to share with y'all. I must say, I was quite pleased with the overall look of most of the collections. I spotted some cool, interesting and - most important - quite refreshing and new pieces for next summer. Let's have a look, shall we?

 The Shinier, The Better

Sweater: Essentiel △ Shorts: Edith & Ella △ Espadrilles: Kanna Shoes

The subtitle says it all: it's all about the glitter and the glam. Gold, silver, coloured sequins, from single pieces over accessories to whole looks...  Get your inner magpie (and maybe your sunnies) out, 'cause it's about to get shiny!


Shirt: F. Edigio △ Bag: Awardt

Another thing I really liked were all the different fabrics, cuts and textures I saw (felt). Can we all have a little talk about the Awardt bag? It has a freaking clear plastic ball in it. Integrated. And you can stuff it. Integrating materials in bags, taken to the next level!

Quirky Accessories

Cocktail Clutches: Unknown Curiosity △ Jewel Face Clutch: I kind of forgot, hashtag professional blogger △ Rainbow Socks: Happy Socks

I know that this whole 'clutches gone weird' thing has been going on for quite some time now, but can we all just have a moment for the most awesome little bags ever? Basic black leather pouches with a cocktail appliqué on them. I am really head over heels with these ones! Little hint: in contrast to every other piece you see in this post, these clutches are actually already available for the holiday season (mom, if you are reading this, I'd love Martini one *winkyface*) on the Unknow Curiosity site, go over here to get you some friday night booze matching bags! I also really loved the houndstooth printed clutch that has this cute jewelled face, just a little quirky touch to your everyday outfit! And oh, about the rainbow socks? Well, they don't need lots of explanation, do they? 

(This)Bucket Bags

Bucket Bag (and sun protection products that come with it): Linda VS (Sunny Side Up)

I know, bucket bags have been around for quite some time now, but you have to believe me on my word: this one is not like the others. This bucket bag by Sunny Side Up is namely printed in a very special way: by using the sun (and only the sun). How? Well, let me try to explain. The bag is made of a special kind of leather, and by using a kind of grid that has holes in it (or in this case, stripes) and that they lay on the leather, the leather darkens where the sun can reach it. That was a whole lot of rambling about a printing process, but I hope you guys kind of get it. If not, here you can find a little video that explains the whole thing very clearly.
I really wanted to include this bag because of the revolutionary technique that is used on it, and also because it is hella pretty. This brand also has a towel holder in their collection, which is printed in the same way (and although I didn't get a proper shot of it, I really liked it as well).

Jewelry meets architecture

Rings: DAMN Jewelry

And the last thing that caught my eye on the press days, was some architecture inspired jewelry. I had seen the 3D-printed, abstract rings of DAMN in a little shop already, and I kind of was drooling over them too, so I was really happy to find out that Marnix&Ally, one of my favorites PR offices, represent the brand for next season. I am really fond of this statement ring that is very wearable and combinable and at the same time really catches the eye because of its unusual shape and material. One of their black rings is definately on my wishlist! 

Thanks to Oona, Marnix&Ally, Drama PR and Pravda PR for giving me a glimpse into the next season's collections, and thank YOU for reading! 

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