Monday, 10 November 2014


Well hello there, are we all having a good weekend? I am, since it is the perfect time for me to take a rest and catch some sleep. I know you haven't heard lots of me this week, but let me tell you, I've got my reasons. The past week has been hella busy, running around, visiting PR offices for press days (SS15 is going to be freaking awesome guys, more about that later), combining all this with school,... Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and I am very very grateful for every opportunity I get, but once in a while, I just need to press pause, take a break and relax a little. And guess what, this weekend is perfect for that, since it counts not two but four days! #chillmodeon
Good, enough rambling about everything except this post! I have another outfit ready for you guys, one that is perfect for the in-between-weather we have had the last weeks. The Aint Laurent sweater was a gift for my birthday a while ago, and I ADORE it! My friends know me so well. About the black jeans jacket? I got this Levi's one at the closet sale of Belgian model Cesar Casier (brand new with tags on), and I have been wearing the shit out of it. It is my go to jacket when it gets a little chilly in the morning! These pants, that appeared on the blog in the past, were the perfect item to take this black and white outfit to the next level. (Literally) topped with a red beanie for a hint of colour, this ensemble is the perfect stylish-yet-relaxed weekend attire. 

Pictures by Elise Watteyn (thanks boo)
Wearing: Sweater: gift △ Jacket: Levi's △ Trousers: Zara △ Shoes: Nike △ Hat: Forever 21 △ Watch: Casio

I am writing this on Sunday morning, but I gotta run, because Belgian television channel Vijf is turning ten and they're throwing a B- Day bash this afternoon! I am very excited, who doesn't like some birthday cake after all? Have great weekend you guys!

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  1. ZALIGE broek! En zo leuk om u gisteren es ├ęcht te zien :D xo

  2. Hello you awesome person! Zalige outfit. Ik weet niet wat het meest mijn aandacht trek, die geweldig coole broek of de kleurrijke muts!

  3. Amai. Hoe zalig is uw outfit!? Ik ben verliefd op uw broek en op uw sweater en op uw muts, ok op alles! ;)

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