Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blanket Wrap

Hi guys! Finals are finally over, which means: some time to blog! Actually, these are hard times for the fashion bloggers out there: it's almost impossible to shoot an outfit during the week, because it gets dark at like four PM already and I'm sorry but, like most other people, I am still working at that hour. Sun, could you please stay out a little longer? Sincerely, all fashion bloggers everywhere. 
Now that's done, time for some outfit talk! You guys, this poncho. You. Guys. I won't say much about it, but my quest for a blanket wrap has been rough and wild. (Think: three send-me-a-reminder-when-in-stock mails, four nervous breakdowns and a lot of desperate online browsing) And then, one day, I found this beauty on the Esprit online shop. It had everything I asked for: a checkered motive, amazing colours and just all over cosy prettiness. A few days later I got it on my doorstep and let me tell you this: I have been LIVING in this thing. You can't imagine how much its warmth and coziness has helped me during the hard times behind my books. It is also suprisingly versatile, since you can wear it loose, or folded in about a gazillion different ways. You'll be seeing this beauty again very soon! 

Pics by Hanne Beelaert
Wearing: Poncho: Esprit △ Black Jeans Jacket: Levi's △ Grey Shirt: Forever 21 Jeans: H&M △ Bag: Vintage △ Shoes: Unknown △ Watch: Casio

 What do you think about the poncho trend since Burberry started it? Would you wear one? I am definately fund of this piece, and I might be adding a more neutral exemplar to my closet real soon!  #sorrynotsorry

P.S. How cool is the christmassy vibe on this pics? I can't help but jump from excitment every time I see all those christmas lights around!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Oh Joppe! Hoe schoon is die Poncho!? En het staat u geweldig! Nu heb ik ook zin om eentje aan te schaffen, het rond mij te doen en er nooit meer vanonder te komen! ;) Leuke foto's ook! :)
    En agreed met het zon-ding, want outfit foto's maken is echt vre-se-lijk met het weinig licht dat er maar is.

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  2. Enkel jij kan die poncho zo rocken!
    Naomi, x