Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Details for the Night: NYE

Hi guys! Tonight's the night, New Years Eve, and I am heading back to France in an hour to join my family and celebrate! This is just a short post to show you a little detail for tonight. Three small, golden rings. Doesn't really sound very exciting? Well, to me it does! I am loving these minimal cute rings, they lift up your outfit in no time! I love how you can combine these in a gazillion ways, but I am currently digging the three-on-one-hand-in-several-heights (pfew, what a name) look. Simple, easy and vĂ©ry chic! 

Rings: H&M

I hope you all have an amazing night filled with laughter, joy and lots of champagne, but most of all I wish 2015 to be a year when all your deepest wishes and dreams can come true. A year where you laugh a little louder, risk a little more and love a little harder.

Thanks for reading, and I'd love to see you again next year! 

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