Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's the Time of Giving... A Little Wishlist!

In part one of these little 'It's the Time of Giving...' series, I talked about the awesome project that is #SonyMusicSanta. If you wanna read everything about that, click here. In this part, I'll share my favorite gift ideas for Christmas. When I browsed the web and made a selection it hit me that I had selected quite an amount of interior/design pieces, and not that much fashion items. My passion for fashion is still here - and here to stay by the way -, but I kinda grew an  interest for design too lately. It probably all started with the Power Of Object expo I visited a couple of months ago... (read the post about it here). Now, everything I selected still has a link with fashion or with my main obsession, which is all things pretty. I hope you might get some inspiration out of my wishlist, and that you have the most amazing holidays ever. And remember: your love for each other is not mesured by expensive gifts or material things. It is mesured by smiles, laughter, a listening ear, a big hug, some good advice or a sincere compliment.  Don't forget to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year with your loved ones and family! 

Don't we all hate the ugly green/red blinking light that shines from our clock radio when we are trying to sleep? Well, problem solved with this little guy: the numbers/letters only appear when you tap the cube! Oh, and it's very aesthetically pleasing too, right? (Cube Click Clock: Gingko)
I'm kinda over those Instax Mini polaroid camera's, because ain't nobody got time to carry yet another device with him every day! This Instax printer is the next big thing: just print your pictures directly from your phone! (Instax Share Printer: Fujifilm)

When it comes to all things interior, my favorite brand of the moment is definately Hay! Very chic yet super affordable? Sounds great to me! This copper candle holder would be perfect to accompany the wooden hand I already bought from Hay. (Lup Candlestick Holder: Hay)

When Filles à Papa came up with cushions, I knew two things: 1) Sequins were going to be a part of it and 2) I knew I was going to WANT it. This glittery grey one with LOSER on it would be perfect to make my message clear on not-so-good-days. Everything from the FW14 is currently 30% off by the way, so let's get shopping! (Sequined Loser Cushion: Filles à Papa)
Let me tell you: ever since I got my golden Casio in August, I have worn it almost every day. Cost-pro-wear-ratio? About twenty cents. And I'm sure that I would wear the shit out of this black Kenzo exemplar with the oily tiger in the middle. I have been a really good boy, Santa! (Gun Tiger Watch: Kenzo)

If there's one thing that I really NEED from this Christmas list, it is a new wallet. The one I use right now is actually hideous and very old-fashioned, but nothing that this gorgeous leather Kara one can't fix! (Leather Wallet: Kara)
There's probably no more stereotypical gift than underwear under the Christmas tree. But hey, some times a man needs a new trunk for his junk, right? This cute 2-pack from Skiny will do the job. I love the combo of the more out-there, printed one and the more classic monochromatic colored one. And I can testify: these boxers are comfy as hell! (Christmas Boxer Two Pack: Skiny)

Okay, okay, maybe this bag from the new Delvaux men collection is a little much beneath the tree. But hey, a man can dream, right? (Presse Man Bag: Delvaux)

Next to my wallet, there's another thing that can use a replacement: my headphones. Tell me if I am wrong, but aren't these Frends ones the cutest? Never in my life have I seen a more aesthetically pleasing electronic device. (Taylor Oil Slick Headphones: Frends

I first saw this ring in a local shop here, and I can't stop thinking about it ever since. This accessory can make an outfit in one snap of a finger, and I love how much of a showstopper this is, yet it has this delicacy to it that really catches the eye.  (Black 3D Printed Ring: Staen)

That's all for this Christmas wishlist, once again, I hope you enjoy the holidays to the fullest. It's the most wonderful time of the year after all!
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Mooi lijstje! Ik wil nog altijd een polaroid camera voor op feestjes instants te maken, maar misschien is zo'n right off my phone printer ook wel cool. Dan ga ik mij wel eens een betere smartphone moeten kopen, want bad quality over here! ;)
    Die tassen: WAUW!
    Ik hoop dat je veel van je lijstje gaat krijgen en ik wens je alvast mooie feesten! Geniet er van :)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  2. My god ik wil dat kussen, zo goed :D
    Naomi, x