Friday, 30 January 2015

When Life Throws You Lemons...

... you some times just fall on your face and can't get up. And well, that's what happened to me! Because yes, there is a legit reason why I haven't posted for such a long time. About a week ago, I was casually practicing a dance with a couple of friends and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was a snap, a crack and... there I was, laying on the ground, not able to move my right knee. Shortly after, there was an ambulance, an echo, a brace around my complete right leg,... Long story short: last Tuesday, I was operated asap, because the fracture and injury turned out to be a little worse than everybody first thought. So here I am, unable to move my right leg and basically glued to my bed. I am missing a lot of cool and exciting things 'thanks' to this incident, since the only way I am able to overpass is the one from my bed to the toilet and vice versa.
It has only been a week since my operation but GURL am I already fed up with doing nothing! Let me tell y'all, this ass ain't made to sit down 24/7!
I really wanted to write this post, to tell you that the amount of posts on here and the  frequency of posts may be a little lower than you're used to. I am not really feeling it right now, and the fact that I can't wear nothing but loose sweatpants and only one shoe doesn't really add up in the process of keeping my inspiration running. I am currently focusing on recovering and recovering only, so I'll probably be taking a small hiatus from my normal blogging routine. If you want to keep up with my daily life (most of it spent in my bed, that is), feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram. But hey, I am not letting my leg keep me down! I'll try my best to crawl back up, and I am sure that, when all is done, there will be a positive side to this all too. I am going to take  those lemons, grab a little salt and add some tequila and I'm going to spice things up! Watch me!
I hope you'll be hearing from me soon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Veel beterschap Joppe! Aan SnapChat te zien zie je er met momenten toch nog de humor van in. Houden zo, en hopelijk mag de brace er snel-snel weer af!! xo

  2. Oh maar manneke toch! Ik hoop dat je snel weer kan rondhuppelen xxx