Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hey guys! First of all: happy Spring! Looks like miss Sunshine is finally here to stay (well, we're still talking about Belgium here, nothing is certain when it comes to the weather here!), and I couldn't be happier! In other news: I'm back on my feet and I'm here to stay! You could take that first part literally by the way: things are finally getting better with my knee. This week, I took my very first steps without cruthes, and let me tell you, it felt DAMN GOOD! You know what else felt damn good? The ten day long Italian getaway I returned from last Sunday. It was a school trip, but together with a few of my best friends, some sunshine, a lot of good food and of course la bella Italia as scenery, it was one of the most unique holidays ever! 

I genuinely missed blogging the past months, and I am so glad to be back! Seriously guys, it feels so freaking good to be back behind my keyboard, and to splurge and talk to you guys about everything that keeps me busy. Maybe I needed a little break, to rediscover my love for everything fashion and blogging, and let me tell you: I rediscovered the hell out of it!

I wanted to come back with something good, and I think I found something come-back-post-worthy! This bag. Let me tell you all about it! My grandparents are moving to an apartment, and we are helping them cleaning out their closets and all that jazz. Last Tuesday, while going through a pile of old bags my grandmother owns, I found a dust bag. I turned it around, looking for the brand... and that's when I saw the seven letters spelling Delvaux. I opened it, and inside, there was this gorgeous cross-body bag, in an impeccable condition. My grandmother looked at it, said "Oh, that was a bad buy, the handle keeps slipping of my shoulder. I'm not keeping it." Long story short: she saw the look on my face, and told me I could have it, in return for everything I had done to help her move. So there I was, proud like a brand new mother holding her child for the first time.
I love everything about it: the subtle golden hardware, the combination of two types of leather, the shape, the shoulder strap, the size... To be honest, it still feels a little dreamy waking up and seeing this beauty standing in my room! I am so grateful towards my granny, and I can't wait to cherish this beauty until the end of times! 

Wow, that's quite a piece to read! Guess you can see I'm excited to be back! 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Wat een ontdekking zeg! Prachtige tas! Echt gewoon ongelooflijk prachtig!
    & glad to have you back :)
    Ik ben met school ook op Italiëtrip geweest en dat was ook één van mijn meest memorabele reizen. Ik kijk nog altijd met super veel plezier terug naar die foto's, ook al is het ondertussen 5 jaar geleden :p I'm getting old! ;)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  2. Ooh zalig, zo'n pareltjes ga ik nooit bij mijn oma vinden helaas, die gelooft niet in veel geld geven aan kleren :p
    Naomi, x