Sunday, 31 May 2015


Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts the past week, but it's been hella busy (and it kinda still is). Finals start in less than two weeks, and this gal needs to get it together, y'all. If everything goes according to plan, the upcoming exams will be the last I ever take in secondary school, and that's quite something, you know! Almost time for that real student-life! Now, something that goes along with those very last finals, is... graduation. Of course! Our school has the tradition of a reception and a school dance after the graduation ceremony, and of course, everyone tries to look his very best on that special night. And let me tell you: this fella is planning on going out with a bang! I do not own a suit yet, but I'll sure as hell won't be the classic-black-suit-and-no-fuzz-kinda person! Prints, different materials, new fits or even sequins, I'll take it all! I went on ASOS this morning and gathered a little graduation outfit inspiration, and you know what the best thing of all is? Today, ASOS is giving a 20% discount on EVERYTHING, with the code BIGWINS. You heard me right, EVERYTHING. Ready, set, shop!

From left to right: Floral printed suit △ Poplin suit △ Pinstripe suit 

The most crucial part of my look will probably be the suit. As I said, I like my suits to be daring, with a fun colour or a cool print. These ones seem to be perfect: simple enough to wear more than once, wild enough to be the eye-catcher of the evening. It's quite hard to find a cool suit for a cool price in stores, I tend to come across lots more of fun suits online! I wouldn't mind wearing these beauties I found on ASOS! 

For the shoes, I think I might go for a little contrast: a suit is very formal and chic, and to shake things up, I'd like to add a sneaker to the outfit. Dressing yourself is all about fun and playing with different styles, to make it interesting. These metallic babies would be perfect: fit and comfort of a trainer, but shiny enough to blind all the basic bitches out there! 

Let's get real: the regular graduation ceremony falls about a week after your last exam, which basically means that, by the time you graduate, you have been partying for several days in a row. Best way to hide those post-final signs of fatigue? Classy shades! With these, you'll look wide awake ànd absolutely fabulous at the same time. It's a win-win situation!

From left to right: Kenzo watchHand harness △  Silk rainbow pocket square 

To finish off the perfect outfit, a good accessory is indispensable. When you've followed me for a while on here, you know that I'm not the minimalist kind of accessory guy: I love to go all out! A hand harness, a rainbow coloured pocket square or a oily-finished watch? Yes please! 

Now, since finals are almost here, I'll be posting less frequently on here. Thank you for reading, and to all the students: may the odds be ever in your favour! 


  1. WOOP WOOP graduatioooon partaaay! Congrats! Veel succes nog met de examens! xo

  2. Oh wauw, die schoenen!


  3. You're going to look the bomb dot com op je graduation party Joppe! Bij mij was het destijds maar een grauwe ceremonie en zonder afterparty. Ik droeg een simpel zwart jurkje van de zara, haha. Maaaarrrr, geniet dus zeker van je grote avond! En laat dat studentenleven dan maar beginnen. xo

  4. My god dat zou echt mega awesome zijn, met zo'n metallic shoes! Onze jongen wordt groot :D
    Naomi, x