Friday, 1 May 2015


Hi guys! Yes, it's been a while since my last post, looks like I'm still kinda searching to find my blogging rythm back! Main reason is that I've been wanting to write this post for a while but I really wanted the pictures to be good and so I had to find the right photographer/location/props, you know, the whole shabang! Plus, I needed the perfect timing, and what better timing than a lazy day off due to Labour Day here in Belgium?

And hereby I proudly present you: my uniform for a day off! Wide flowy trousers -preferably with a print- and a light basic tee, right up my alley! I must say it's funny to see that I tend to integrate my daily style into my nightwear: I'm all about printed pants and minimalistic tops in my closet! I love the accents on these trousers, like the white-stitched closing cords and the waistband that has a clashing print on it. And guys, I'm not saying this randomly, but the quality and comfort of these pajama pants are unbelievable. I never felt trousers so soft! The tee is ah-may-zang too, it's 100% cotton and just perfect for days like this: not too warm, not too cold, in a delightful no-nonsense colour. Ah, I have everything I need to be happy today: a cosy, comfy outfit, a bed, some coffee, my Wi-Fi connection and a little sunshine! Sounds like picture perfect to me!

 Pictures by la mama
T-shirt and Trousers: Skiny Bodywear 

That's about it for today, I'm off enjoying my lazy day off with some comfort food and a movie (or two). Have a good weekend, guys, until next time!

Thank you for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Skiny Bodywear, but all feelings and opinions expressed are completely my own

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  1. Amai, je mama kan mooie foto's trekken! :) Zalige pyjama! <3 Die print is helemaal jou!

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