Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Hello there! Yes, last week, it was once again time for the half-yearly press days circus to land. You may ask yourselves: press days? HUH? Well, let me enlighten you: once every six monthes, PR offices open their doors for press, stylists and bloggers to see the upcoming collections in preview. In that way, influencers can already make up a wishlist their minds on the new trends, colours, shapes,... all that good stuff, yaknow! It was a good day with lots of exciting clothes, inspiring people, new friends, hella good food and even better drinks.
It's actually very interesting to see how brands evolve, to see how they change their concepts or products according to evolutions on the market. Another cool thing about the press days is that you get to see (and talk to) the people that send you mails on a daily basis. I mean, getting several mails from mademoiselle X or lady Y is cool, getting to know the person behind that mail-name. Some of the people you encounter become friends through time, and it's always a blast seeing those friends again. Last Thursday made me realise that fashion and styling is what I love, and what I'd love to keep doing for the rest of my life. Sounds kinda cheesy and cliché-like, I know, but still. I can't get enough of all the impulses and inspiration that fashion gives me, and I don't see myself getting tired of the scene anytime soon.

Like every time, I snapped the soul out of my body once again - all those amazing designs, the delicious bites and the fabulous drinks, one does not simply contain himself - and here is my extensive photo diary!


Kennel & Schmenger

Maurice Knitwear

O My Bag
Wander & Co
An Buermans - mark my words, this one is going to be big!-
Brunching done right 


Essentiel (I was so happy to see that Essentiel finally integrated some more daring pieces for men too!)

IKEA Furniture




Creating and pimping your own Flossy shoes, so much fun! 
CR7, your go to address for a nice classic shirt!


Getting that full Star of Bombay new gin experience

Crazy selfies with the inspiring miss Joy Anna Thielemans
Crazy selfies with the insipiring miss Joy Anna Thielemans

Thanks to all the PR offices for having me, thanks to all the inspiring, enthusiastic people I got to know (better), and last but not least: thank YOU for reading! 


  1. Superschone foto's! Jammer da we ni samen konden gaan! :D xo

  2. Zalige post én foto's (en thanks voor de foto haha, zo lief!) xxx