Thursday, 16 July 2015


Well hello everyone! Remember me? Yeah, don't worry if you don't, I know it's been a while. But hey, finals are over, results are in, and I am quite happy to tell you that this boy is now officially graduated from high school! I guess it's on to that real student life soon, but first: SUMMER BREAK BITCHES! Can't wait to see what this summer has in store for me. I'm planning on posting more regularly, and to get things started I already have a cool collab for you guys today! I'm very excited about it, for several reasons: one being that I really like the concept of this co-operation, and another being that my twin brother is involved! Yes, you heard that right! After all this time of running my blog, my twin bro is finally showing his face! And why, you may ask? Well, let me explain myself.
I got in touch with CR7 on the last press days at Maison PR, and I immediately was interested in the story. Of course, Christiano Ronaldo, who is the face and name of the label, is famous across the globe, but he doesn't just put his name on everything and then walk away. He is really occupied with growing the brand, developing it and staying true to its personality at the same time. In two years time, CR7 has expanded from underwear and socks to a fully fledged shirts line and even a shoe collection! Also, I really loved how CR7 has two sides: one more sporty, casual line - the side you'd expect from a soccer player - but then also a second, more fashionable, edgier line that is right up my alley. Those two sides of the brand inspired me to create a little collab, in which my brother, Chiel, would style a more casual shirt, and I would experiment with a shirt of the more fashionable line. And thus, this post saw the light! Let's get straight into the pictures, shall we?

Wearing: Me: Shirt: CR7 △ Trousers: Zara △ Shoes: Nike △ Bag: Delvaux
Chiel: Shirt: CR7 △ Shorts: Eden Park △ Shoes: Bullboxer

First of all: excuse the wrinkles in my shirt in the last pictures: it was hot as hell that day and we had been running errands everywhere. I can assure you that we didn't start of with such wrinkly shirts. Second of all: the quality of these shirts is splendid. Straight up amazing.They are gorgeously put together, in the perfect combo of lightweight and sturdier fabric, with a very luxurious feel to them. My bro and I can both confirm: these shirts aren't only pretty, they're also comfy as hell. Can I also point out the amazing details? The shirt I am wearing has gorgeous, bronzy iridescent buttons and a paisley printed lining, whereas Chiel's shirt has the more classic white buttons and dark navy accents. See how subtle the differences are between the casual and the more fashion line of the brand? CR7 really wants to focus on being a fashion brand, and not so much a sports label. In my humble opinion, they are acing that goal! What do you think of these shirts and the outfits?

Thank you for reading! 

This post was created in collaboration with CR7, but all opinions and experiences expressed are my own. 


  1. Ha super cute! Ik ben echt fan van hoe je schrijft 😱😍 Love it! You go gal

    XO Dries

  2. Oh heel mooie hemdjes! Zou ik niet verwacht hebben :)
    Toff post joh ;)
    Naomi, x