Monday, 24 August 2015


Hi guys! Today I'm here with a post that is quite touchy and a little controversial, and something I am extremely passionate about myself: make-up for guys. You may know from previous posts (here and here) that I am vastly impassioned about gender roles and the irrelevant meaning they have to me, and make-up is just another part of that whole story, and a part I didn't address yet. 
My interest in make-up actually emerged when I started photographing models. To take my shoots to the next level, I started playing around with some products, first 'stolen' from my mom, and eventually my own. I started watching tutorials, following make-up artists, I tried new things and learned a lot. It wasn't long until I started using some products myself: concealer, lip balm, the occasional drop of highlighter, you know, the basic stuff. The stuff that doesn't grasp the attention. Because that's what I was always taught: men don't wear make-up, and if they do, it's discrete and 'natural', and it can't and may not be noticed. The past years, make-up brands have flooded the market with 'special care' ranges for men, with different types of products like conditioner, primers, foundation and even bronzers. Guys, men, dear reader, let me break it down for you: several make-up gigants like Jane Irendale have admitted that they took the exact same product from their regular line, renamed it and dropped it in the range for men, with a different packaging. My question is: why? And because I am alone in my room right now and you guys can't interact with me until I actually publish this post, I'm going to answer that question right away: Men. Are. Scared. What?! Think about it: make-up has been something strictly feminine for a good amount of time, and if there's something men want to avoid, it's being feminine. Believe it or not, being 'feminine' is still considered as something men shouldn't be. It's considered weak, sissy, too emotional and pathetic. Men want to be strong, tough, protective and sturdy, and thus everything that could be seen as feminine has to be avoided. But news flash: more often than you think, men are also aware of how they look, and they want to look put together too. It's interested to see that skincare and subtle make-up is indeed getting more and more common these days. And that's a good thing! But does the same product-different packaging theory not prove that it is all in our heads? Yes, sir, you are using the exact same bronzer as your girlfriend, just with a black or gunmetal case instead of a transparant or shiny one. Get over yourselves! This is freaking 2015, can we please all agree that make-up products (and most products in general) do not have a gender? Yes, natural make-up is a thing. And if that is your cup of tea, great, drink it! I'm just saying that, if it is not, if extravagant make-up is your thang, you should be able to rock that winged liner and poppy eyeshadow, and that has nothing to do with your gender. 

And for all of you ladies out there that think that it's just men picking on men for being a pussy, you are wrong. I can speak from personal experience when I say that even some of my closest friends act weird whenever I'm even near make-up products. One day in school, I was applying some tinted lip balm because my lips were chapped as fuck and that ain't cute, and two of my friends (and believe me, they really are my friends and I love them) asked me if I was planning on wearing make-up and stuff, cuz if I did that would be hella gay and they weren't sure if they wanted to know me any longer if I wore make-up. They basically told me that 'a little gay is okay, but don't go too far you know, you don't wanna be hella gay, right?' Well let me tell you: I am hella gay. I am also a little gay. I am gay, and that's part of who I am, but that's all. A part of who I am, not everything I am. Listen, if I want to wear a colourful eye or nail polish or eyeliner, that has nothing to do with me preferring men over women. It's just another part of me, something I like, and like I said, the last time I checked, my blusher didn't have a gender on it. It's all in the perception, guys. The thing is, everyone should be free to wear make-up if they wanted to. Like I recently read somewhere on the interwebz, the amount of chromosomes you have has nothing to do with your right to wear make-up. If you want to, DO IT! To everyone who says that men wearing make-up is just a way to get attention and be different and edgy, I say: screw you. Get over yourself. It might surprise you, but some things you just do for yourself, not for others to notice. I wear pastel blue nail polish because I think it looks cute as hell on me, and lip products because they simply bring out my lips. I don't do stuff just for the sake of shocking people to death you know. If I wanted that, I'd kill a famous lion or something (sorry, too soon for Cecil references?) Just to clarify: men do not need to wear make-up, just like women don't need to wear make-up. I am just saying that if they want to, they have to be able to do whatever the heck they like. And if it's not something you like, that's fine! But please take this advice a wise old man (aka my grandpa) gave me when I was wearing nail polish for the first time: I wouldn't want it, but that doesn't mean I should restrain others from doing what they want. #WORD.

I came together with my amazing friend Lien, who did my make-up and shot these pictures for me. Lien, if you are reading this: you are so talented, you rock my world and girl, I love you. Thanks for everything! Also a major thanks to my boo Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman for helping me sort out my stuff and get this piece together. You're a genius! 

What are your thoughts on this matter? I am very interested to hear! Let's start a discussion, not only here, but on social media too, with #makeuphasnogender, or comment on this post or drop me a message on my Facebook page! Interaction and different views are so interesting guys, that's the thing I like the most about the internet! P.S. Don't narrow it down to make-up only, tell me eveything that has no gender too! Clothes, toys,... #havenogender! Thanks for reading! 


  1. Ik las onlangs een artikel over Target die zijn speelgoedafdeling 'gender neutral' gaat maken. En ik dacht: yay, good start! Maar dan moest je eens de reacties lezen! Mensen die gewoon niet meer binnen wouden komen bij Target omdat ze gender neutral speelgoed gingen maken! What? Wat maakt het uit dat een jongen met een barbie wil spelen en een meisje met auto's? Als ze zich amuseren en zich goed voelen, maakt dat toch helemaal niets uit?! Anyway, hetzelfde met make-up of alles dat gelabeled wordt als 'voor meisjes': ieder doet gewoon waar hij zich goed bij voelt! Ok, ik geef toe dat het soms even wennen is, maar dan draai ik de knop snel om en vraag mezelf: waarom moet ik hier aan wennen? Omdat het nieuw is en omdat we heel ons leven verteld werden dat dit voor meisjes is én dit voor jongens? Het is niet omdat het ons zo ooit verteld is, dat het ook zo moet zijn. Laat ieder individu voor zichzelf uitmaken wie hij/zij is en wat hem/haar identificeert. Je hebt gelijk dat je hier mee naar voren komt! Ik heb daar énorm veel respect voor! En damn Joppe, je ziet er super goed uit!


  2. If David Bowie does it, everyone should do it! (waarmee ik niet bedoel dat elke levensbeslissing hij ooit maakte te volgen valt)

  3. Los van je geweldige tekst, vind ik ook de foto's PRACHTIG! Keep spreading the (equal) loooove <3
    Naomi, x

  4. WORD!
    ( en sommige mannen kunnen serieus wat concealer gebruiken!)

  5. AMEN! Goed verwoord Joppe, I totally agree.
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  6. Goe bezig Joppe. Vooral blijven verder doen. We hebben al genoeg heilige huisjes en hokjes in onze maatschappij. - Bart

  7. Zeer mooi, zou ik ook wel willen kunnen.

  8. Hallo joppe tof van je dat je voor make up voor manben en mode je ben ik wat ouder toch zou ik ook mijn huid de nodige verzorging willen geven en heb dat altijd willen doen maar ja die taboes rond vele zaken hielden me tegen ..
    Jammer maar zo zit onze fucking wereld nu eenmaal in elkaar
    Groetjes nick