Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hi babies! In my last post I told you about a shoot I did on the same location as my previous outfit, because it was hella pretty, and today, I'm here to show you guys the results! This concept and shoot was all planned extremely last minute, because I was afraid these gorgeous stairs wouldn't be available for much longer. Merely two days after I scouted this spot, my girl Paulien and I met up, selected some clothes, decided for a make-up look and did our thang! It kind of stressed us out a bit, and we weren't sure if we were going to make it, but we did! Working under pressure, so much fun!
For the outfit, I wanted a pastel kind of toned ensemble, to compliment the softness of the wooden/white stairs. We went for a midi skirt in a blue ombré, and an oversized white shirt. Pairing it with some jewels like my marble hand cuff and a hand harness made it a bit more pulled together in my opinion.
Now for the crazy part: hair and make-up. Paulien immediately started a hunt when I told her I wanted her hair to be pastel pink. After four shops and a little despair, she finally found what we needed: pink hair chalk. We thought the hard part was over but GURL let me tell you: colouring her hair pink using one little spongey applicator was a freaking mess. We almost used the whole content of the little box to get her hair to look like this. Little secret: the back of her hair was barely pink. I just made sure that I captured the parts that were nicely done, and kinda hide away the parts that were still blonde. #fakeittillyoumakeit!
Make-up wise, I focused on a crisp, radiant face with maximum highlight. On the eyes, I used some pink shades and some neutrals. On the cheeks, I used a cream highlighter AND... an amazing loose silver pigment, that really caught the light. I am very fond of this make-up look and I am so happy with how the shoot turned out, especially because everything was kinda improvised and à la minute. What do you guys think?

Model: Paulien Van Der Looven △ Styling, MU, Photography by me

Do you like the results? Thanks for reading! 

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