Saturday, 15 August 2015


Good day everyone! After all this time, I guess it's time for another outfit! I haven't shared an outfit in quite a while, but I have been busy with other projects that are consuming a lot of my time. I did a shoot last night (results will be up soon) and I'm hoping to shoot another series of pictures this weekend to go with a post that has been in the making for a long time. But for now, outfit!
Teva's have been all around the blogosphere this summer, and I can't say that I'm mad about that. Have you seen their new, updated collection? Seriously guys, Teva is stepping up their game with metallics, flatforms and, like the one I am rocking, ombré colours. I was really happy when the lovely Aline from Oona PR contacted me saying I could pick a pair of Teva's from their webshop, and I didn't hesitate one moment. These black to grey dégradés are just perfect to fit my style: versatile with a little fun twist, just the way I like it! I paired them with my short black dungarees I got from Zara, and a pop of green to jazz it up a little.
When my mom (aka personal photographer) and me went scouting for locations, we found these white stairs in a dock where there were no windows yet, we took our chance and shot this outfit there. I liked the location so much, I went back there and shot another editorial fashion shoot kinda thing there with one of my good friends, and like I said already, those will be up in the near future. I really like how the pictures turned out, even though we had a little problem with focusing the camera, so we got like 20 sharp pics out of 300. So. Yeah. But hey, everything turned out alright in the end! 

 Wearing: Sweater: H&M △ Dungarees: Zara △ Sandals: Teva △ Cuff Bracelet: H&M

 Thank you to Oona PR for the gorgeous sandals, thanks to my mom for the pictures and thanks to you for reading! See you next time!